Stress Kills … Even in Prostate Cancer Patients

Stress has long been linked to a number of different health-related conditions that may prove fatal. From heart disease and stroke to the potential for promoting obesity through overeating, accumulations of perceived stress can take their toll on the body. As it turns out, those who experience a high degree of stress are also more likely to experience deadly complications… More →

Choices For Acid Regurgitation During Pregnancy

A little bit of women may life experience nausea as any good acid reflux indicator. Not all women experience this valuable symptom. In the main women who don’t suffer from heartburn acid reflux experience nausea. Cancerous lactic acid included in buttermilk, yoghurt are helpful. Raita prepared offering fresh curd, grated cucumber, fresh coriander, tomato is an actual sure shot formula… More →

Which Is The Healthier Choice For Texans: Margarine or Butter?

Both are yellowish and taste great on fresh baked bread. But for individuals who live in Dallas, Houston and elsewhere in Texas, both butter and margarine have their health pluses and minuses. MargarineActually, the term margarine covers a wide range of butter substitutes. In certain parts of the world, margarine has become a best-selling table spread. In some regions, individuals… More →

What Are the Different Kinds of Hemorrhoids and Hemorrhoid Treatments?

Typically, everyone has internal hemorrhoids, but they are not commonly observable, they do not pose a problem or a threat to health and they usually remain out of sight and shows now warning signs. You may not believe it, but about 15 million people from around the globe are bothered by wearisome hemorrhoids year after year. To better understand hemorrhoids,… More →

Breast Cancer & Pregnancy

It is of prime importance that the obstetrician’s take a thorough breast examination of pregnant women to detect breast cancer. Often, the diagnosis is delayed because doctors and pregnant women assume that lumps in the breast are due to normal hormonal changes. The threat of breast cancer is upsetting for anyone, particularly during pregnancy, but it is not uncommon. Pregnant… More →