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The wretched implications of the Digital Economy Act

By Ray Boggiano @ 9:14 am

Digital Britain

Whilst we have actively campaigned against the Digital Economy Bill (now the Digital Economy Act upon being granted Royal Assent) through expressing our concerns to those that would listen, it is time to accept that the controversial measure has passed through parliament largely unchanged and become part of UK law.

If you are unaware of the Act, then I will briefly outline the purpose and potential effects. If you need a reminder of this Act in its entirety then please navigate to this link. The primary focus is to protect copyright holders by enforcing the illegality of file-sharing copyrighted content.

Clause 10 of the Digital Economy Act, permits the government to direct OFCOM to “take a technical measure against some or all relevant subscribers to [an ISP’s] service for the purpose of preventing or reducing infringement of copyright by means of the internet”. These “technical measures” would primarily be through forcing the ISPs to “throttle” or disconnect the user’s account if they are found to repeatedly share copyrighted content illegally.

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Calling all 18-24 year old prospective Communication Arts students

By Ray Boggiano @ 11:18 am

A highly topical competition has been launched by the School of Communication Arts 2.0. Entitled “It’s My Party”, the competition calls for prospective students to come up with an idea for a single-issue political party then create a political broadcast. This can be a cartoon, Flash movie, or anything multimedia and the issue is completely up to you (it hopefully doesn’t need to be said that offensive material will be removed). There are three fantastic prizes on offer for the winners, each one receiving a £13,000 scholarship at the school.

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Fatsoma Ltd provides a social ticketing solution through event ticket pages on reps’ Facebook profiles

By Ray Boggiano @ 4:42 pm

A young British company is offering a social solution to online promotion and ticket sales via further integration with Facebook.

7th April 2010


Fatsoma Ltd is seeking to continue their positive expansion towards an international market with their latest release, by offering a social solution to online promotion and ticket sales. These developments include the ability for reps to sell tickets through a branded ticket page tab on their Facebook profile, and for clients to update all reps’ statuses from within the Fatsoma platform, tracking the sales made through each rep’s status.

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