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Discuss on Somali issues on our Forums! • Zanzibari refugees want to stay NAIROBI, 18 October (IRIN) – The 103 refugees from Zanzibar who have been in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, since 6 October do not want to return to Zanzibar, one of them told IRIN on Thursday. < ... • Southern town taken by opposition militia NAIROBI, 17 October… More →

  On the Issues Cut Taxes and Unnecessary Spending  Stop Illegal ImmigrationQuality Education But With Accountability  More Affordable and Available College Education at LessTaxpayer Cost Clean Up Our Air  Protect Our Limited Water Supply from Uncontrolled Statewide Growth  Reduce Traffic Congestion    Watch Rep. Kavanagh’sTV Interviews Rep. Kavanagh Debates Rep. Sinema on the Employer Sanctions Bill                                                (Click here) Rep. Kavanagh… More →

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Q/Midoobey oo xafiis ka furtay Baydhabo Baydhabo, Okt 25- Munaasabad si weyn loo soo agaasimay oo lagu maamuusayey xarun cusub oo ay leedahay Q/Midoobay looguna talo galay hirgelinta howlaha samafalka ee Koonfurta iyo bartamaha Soomaaliya ayaa shalay ka dhacday magaalada Baydhabo. Xiriiryaha guud ee howlaha Bini?aadaminimo u qaabilsan Q/Midoobay Randolph Kent ayaa si rasmi ah xariga uga jaray mashuurcaas. Hadal… More →

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Throughout a course in competing traditions in economics we were to improve our writing style while providing thorough and detailed responses to thought provoking questions based on texts we read.  I will post my last one in hopes of showing my style improvements in another post.  I would appreciate thoughts and comments! This is the response I wrote to a… More →

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