About mapsco map & travel

Mission Statement

Mapsco, Inc. founded in 1952, creates,
makes and markets maps and related products and services. Mapsco,
Inc. will provide quality customer service, a rewarding work environment
and consistent profitability.

Company History

Mapsco originated as an outgrowth of
a flower delivery business. Prior to the mid 1940s, the thought
of producing maps had not entered the mind of Boyd Keith, the originator
of the Mapsco Street Guide. He was too busy with his chain of Dallas
flower shops. However, as his business grew, one recurring problem
always presented a hurdle in his efforts to service his accounts
quickly and efficiently. Despite his efforts, Mr. Keith could not
obtain an up-to-date map of the expanding Dallas area; therefore,
orders were frequently delayed or canceled.

In an effort to solve his delivery problems,
Mr. Keith and his store manager Lily Kendrick designed, researched,
drafted, indexed and finally produced a Dallas street guide in the
early 1950s. It was originally used just for Mr. Keith’s own business
needs. In subsequent years they improved the guide and soon other
florists were requesting copies. In 1952, the first commercial edition
of the Mapsco Dallas Street Guide was published.

With the success of the Dallas Mapsco
Street Guide, expansion into other markets was inevitable. In 1971,
the Fort Worth Street Guide was added. Eventually, Mapsco bought
AllState MapMakers in Ft. Worth and changed their retail store to
a Mapsco Map and Travel Center. In 1984, a Louisville, KY Street
Guide was developed as a joint venture. The ’90s saw an increase
in the rate of expansion, as Mapsco either moved into new markets
or purchased existing map companies. In 1992, Mapsco formed a local
Austin publishing group to produce an Austin Street Guide, and an
Austin retail store was opened in 1997. In 1994, Mapsco bought a
majority share of Pierson Graphics, in Denver CO. Pierson Graphics
produced atlases and custom maps for the Rocky Mountain Region,
and specialty maps for Chicago, Houston, Dallas and New York. In
1996, map bases for El Paso and Las Cruces, NM were purchased and
eventually digitized and published. In 1997, Mapsco bought and merged
Ferguson Map Company of San Antonio, adding their map base and well-known
retail operations to the mix. Joining Pierson and Ferguson to Mapsco
greatly strengthened Mapsco’s market share in the retail map industry
in the Midwest and the commercial map industry nationally. Pierson
Graphics was formally merged into Mapsco in November 1999 and became
Mapsco, Inc. Rocky Mountain Region. Pierson’s two “Maps Unlimited”
stores in Denver became Mapsco Map and Travel Centers.

Today Mapsco produces street guides,
wall maps, fold maps, software, and custom maps for the Dallas-Fort
Worth, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso, Texas regions as well as
for Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, and other Colorado
regions; cities in Southern Wyoming; Louisville, Kentucky; Las Cruces
and Alamogordo, New Mexico; Juarez, Mexico; and Utah and the Wasatch

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