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02/22/2006 06:33 AM
Asia warned on diabetes threat (BBC News)

Asian governments need to take action now as diabetes rates among their populations soar.

02/21/2006 09:18 PM
City to Warn New Mothers of Diabetes Risk (New York Times)

In an effort to improve outcomes for women who get temporary diabetes during pregnancy, the city will send information packets to all women who get the disorder.

02/22/2006 03:46 PM
Surge in diabetes cases may increase strokes (The Monterey County Herald)

The epidemic of type 2 diabetes cases across the nation is likely to lead to a substantially higher incidence of strokes among middle-aged adults and newly diagnosed diabetics, two studies presented Thursday suggest.

02/22/2006 09:53 AM
More evidence for diabetes and CVD protection by whole grains. (Nutraingredients.com)

2/20/2006 – Eating a diet rich in whole grains, a rich source of bran, fibre, minerals and vitamins, could reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease, claims a new study that adds to a growing body of evidence on the subject.

02/22/2006 01:13 PM
Health checkup: diabetes and blindness (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

An eye exam may be some people’s first inkling that they have diabetes

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Food Safety > Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

Home Food Food Safety Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency By … In just six weeks a full-blown type II diabetic watched her blood sugar…

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Food for diabetics.Health and weight loss products

FOOD FOR DIABETES Coming soon a new product for Diabetes Weight Management | Health Products |Health Solution Products | Diabetes | Testimonials |Medical Board and Corporation |Contact Us | …

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Low Carb Pleasure, low carb gourmet chocolate, low carb, gift baskets

Low Carb Pleasure Gourmet Food Division Of Featherwinds Lodging Our chocolates are low carb and sugar free. Gourmet foods at their finest. Recipes Nutritional Facts Order Info Glossary FAQ …

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Diabetes Directory

Load, Diabetic Carb Choices, Serving Size in grams, Serving Size in ounces, and Available Carbohydrates per Serving for each tested food.

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Diabetic seeks guidance in identifying safe foods – The Honolulu…

PRESCRIPTIONS Diabetic seeks guidance in identifying safe foods. By Amy Tousman … When I read food labels, it seems that so many foods contain…

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On-line Diabetes Resources

Diabetic BBQ is a forum for discussion of diabetic barbecue, grilling, and other related good food topics.

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Diabetic Free Food List

Diabetic Listing of Free Foods … A free food is any food or drink that contains … that are approved by the Food & Drug. Administration (FDA) are safe to use …

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SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Trans Fats

… percent of non-diabetic Caucasians who possess this polymorphism …

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diabetic_cat_food – kitty-korner.com

Your online info source for diabetic_cat_food

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Busy Cooks Food Safety, Handling, and Storage Information and Referenc

Food & Drink Busy Cooks Food Safety Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Busy Cooks with Linda Larsen Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home � Articles � Forums � Chat …

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over the counter weight loss pill loss pill water weight

…diabetic-chocolate diabetic-cooking diabetic-dessert diabetic-diet diabetic-drug diabetic-food diabetic-foot-care diabetic-foot-ulcer diabetic…

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