Insomnia problem

Insomnia or sleeping difficulty problem is a common medical condition in most of the adults. Normally it is a short time problem which can be recovered easily. But for some people this problem lasts for months, even years. Insomnia problem can be solved by using some medication. Zaleplon is one of the recommended medicines for the insomnia problem. It relaxes the mind of the patient to fall asleep.

Insomnia problem can occur when you first go to bed at night and wake up too early in the morning or even often during the night. Sleepless night is not a problem for most of the people. Around 25% people of USA have irregular insomnia problem. But 10% people are suffering from serious insomnia problem.

Sleepless problem can affect anyone’s ability to do the daily work. Insomnia problem causes some serious problem on both the mind and body. Most of the time insomnia patients get tired. Moreover, insomnia problem can lead to daytime drowsiness, poor concentration, and the inability to feel refreshed and rested in the morning.

According to the scientist 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for an adult. Sometimes 6 hopurs is enough for an adult. Adults over 60 years of age need to sleep at least 6 hours. But almost half of the elderly people (60+ ages) suffer from insomnia problem.

If you feel refreshed with 4-6 hours sleep then you are not suffering from insomnia problem. Sleeplessness problem depends on how you are feeling after waking up. If you are not feeling refreshing after 8 hrs sleeping then 8 hrs is not sufficient for you. Most of the insomnia patients can not sleep at night. In day time they feel dizzy.

Using high dose sedatives for the treatment of insomnia can make the situation worse with time. Some patients get addicted with sleeping pill if they use it for long time. Long term use of sleeping pills can damage your memory.

Prescribed sedatives do not give a natural and restful sleep. Natural sleeping is good for health. Patients can become dependent on the sleeping pills. In that case, it will no longer produce sleep. As a result patients can go or try for higher dosage. Higher doses have higher chance to create side effects. Do not stop taking this medicine in a sudden. Take your time. Consult with your doctor. Sudden stop can make the situation worse.

Insomnia can be caused by uncontrolled life style. Try to go to bed early and rise early in the morning. Stop taking drugs or alcohol. Do not depend on medicine. Do not take high dosage sleeping pill. Insomnia problem is sometimes temporary. Lower Zaleplon doses can help you to overcome it. But at first inform your health care provider. Then go for the medicine.

Call your health care provider if –

В•  Your sleeping problem becomes permanent

В•  You are observing side effect or other symptoms while using Zaleplon


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