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Amazing Styles of Bracelets

  • Posted on December 22, 2011 at 2:34 am

A nice bracelet is piece of jewelry decorated round the wrist. It carries individual charm. It’s adorned with pendant or trinkets which are signifiers of significant things in the wearer’s life. Bracelets are very trendy in the world. It values in all over the world. Bracelet utilised by men and women. There are both kinds adorn bracelet obtainable. Some persons use straightforward bracelet and some likes trendy bracelet. Bracelet can be constructed from steel, cowhide, piece of cloth and plastic. Mostly bracelet comprise on jewels, rock, case and wood. It use for distinct reasons for example health and identification. Allergy persevering values allergy bracelet in clinic for their identification.
The most widespread kind of bracelet is handmade bangle bracelet. Many designer hemp necklaces concepts handmade bracelets.  These kinds of bracelets are very charming and attractive. That made by gold, shiny and beads. A white bangle gold bracelet is more considerable and heavier than the mean machine-made bangle bracelet. Each bangle is individually proficiency to array. Manufactures made these handmade bracelets in any dimensions on clientele request. You can get these bracelets in traded gold and other material. Many clients like hefty heaviness bracelet and some select lightweight weight. You can even customize it to make it heavier by request.

There are numerous kinds of bracelets. Gold, timber, beaded, glass and precious gem bracelet are much popular. Bracelets that are in solid pattern made by some steel are mentioned to as bangle bracelet. These bracelets can be glossy, texture or set with stones. This sort of bracelet action round the arm and make a gracious sound like the clinking of breeze chimes. In India, It is furthermore widespread that juvenile young children wears slim gold bracelet on their hand and ankles. Bracelets have numerous methods and colors. Multi colors bracelet are routinely utilised by people.

There are hug kind of bracelet are obtainable. It has gorgeous forms for example heart beaded bracelets are charming. Beads bracelet are fairy widespread in southwestern American Indian jewelry tradition. They have multi-colored beads. People furthermore utilised lone color. Wood bracelets are often used. That comprises diverse charms. You can compose your title and good luck on your bracelet. There are numerous bracelets that mention your celebrity and anniversary or celebration wishes. These bracelets are gorgeous. These bracelets are adjustable. All can use them. There are elastic and locked bracelets are inn. If your wrist is slim and wellbeing, you can wear it.      

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21 weeks pregnant with terrible back pain what can i do?

21 weeks pregnant with terrible back pain what can I do?

The pain is in my lower back muscles. I’m concerned that this will continue for the rest of the pregnancy. Is there anything I can do to feel better?

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  • Can I get a military waiver for minor back pain?

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March 2nd, 2009

How Tramadol has changed my feeling.

Posted by
admin 2 March, 2009
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I wasn’t able to do anything well because of the piercing traumatic pain which I had every day. I am 52 years old woman and was always healthy but after the accident I had ten months ago, nothing was like before. I didn’t want to give up and I was lucky to have a chance […]

I wasn’t able to do anything well because of the piercing traumatic pain which I had every day. I am 52 years old woman and was always healthy but after the accident I had ten months ago, nothing was like before. I didn’t want to give up and I was lucky to have a chance to take Tramadol pills. I was given it during my stay in a hospital and my doctor adviced me to take it every day. What is incredible that I don’t feel any pain any more and I do not suffer. Tramadol is strong central influence analgesic which helps me a lot. I don’t imagine my day without Tramadol.

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Tramadol Shipped to Florida

Posted by
admin 2 March, 2009
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The great thing about shopping online is that you can order medications from all over the country. That means that if you find an online pharmacy based in Wisconsin, and you need tramadol shipped to Florida, you can get it done. Online companies occasionally have restrictions on where they will ship items, but when it […]

The great thing about shopping online is that you can order medications from all over the country. That means that if you find an online pharmacy based in Wisconsin, and you need tramadol shipped to Florida, you can get it done. Online companies occasionally have restrictions on where they will ship items, but when it comes to domestic companies, they’ll generally ship their products to every different state, which can give you many more options for places to get your pain medication when it comes to ordering it and saving money by shopping online.

You can get tramadol shipped to Florida from just about any online pharmacy that you set your sights on. You will simply need to take the time to research a little about the company to make sure that they are a legitimate company, and then you’ll be able to get the medication that you need much more conveniently and often cheaper than you would have expected. Although the DEA has gotten rid of more than 5,000 illegal operations online, there are still a few hiding in the shadows, waiting for the next person to come along that they can make a quick buck off of. Read the rest of this entry

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On two publications by adam smith

Throughout a course in competing traditions in economics we were to improve our writing style while providing thorough and detailed responses to thought provoking questions based on texts we read.  I will post my last one in hopes of showing my style improvements in another post.  I would appreciate thoughts and comments!

This is the response I wrote to a question of human nature as portrayed in Adam Smiths The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments as part of a course in competing traditions in Economics.

When Adam Smith first published “The theory of Moral Sentiments” in 1759 it laid the moral foundation for his more famous “The Wealth of Nations”.  It did a fantastic job of providing insight into human nature, which does not include the pursuit of wealth or profit.  Smith lays out in the first text that however selfish we perceive each other, everyone enjoys and shares mutual pleasure in providing a good or service without self interest in mind.  Seventeen years later though he offers a fairly different view in that it is difficult for us to expect things free of charge and that individuals are appealing to others self-interest to achieve gains on their end of the deal primarily.  He can hold these two views because through acting on self-interest each individual is providing something of  substance and worth to the other and through natural benevolence is to some degree pleased to see the others physical enjoyment or relief.  Perhaps Smith hasn’t combined the two views entirely because he believes they are worthy of standing on their own and necessary to provide a look into the contrast of our own human nature.

The reader of both quotes is aware that nothing comes free.  He does not get upset when the butcher doesn’t show up at his doorstep every evening with a pig roast in hand followed closely by the baker with a baguette and the brewer with hand crafted ales, each expecting nothing in return.  The reader also understands the feeling of providing help or a material item to someone just to share the feeling of joy.  Smith holds both these views because they are both realistic yet nearly opposite and strives throughout both texts to find common ground between the two views.  No one has lived a life completely devoid of attempt at personal gain nor on the other hand lived a life with the sole goal of profit and great wealth.  There must be some middle ground or level of appropriateness that lies in between the two extremes.

Smith starts us out in chapter one paragraph one of “The theory of Moral Sentiments” telling us that “The greatest ruffian, the most hardened violator of the laws of society is not all together without it”(p.65), speaking on compassion and sympathy towards our fellow humans.  This statement reveals that sympathy, a running theme in “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” is a primal passion, a part of even the most hardened criminals and that those who beat, steal, lie and kill still have a shred of remorse for their victims or fellow humans and possess an awareness of the ever looming impartial spectator.  How can Smith say this with such vigor and certainty?  Perhaps he considered the idea of a being that had absolutely no regard for others, a tyrant in the purest fashion.  If such a person existed what would hold him back from total control and domination?   Or from accumulating wealth beyond reason?  Nothing, but it is sympathy for others, the desire to be worthy of acceptance or praise that holds him back from such activity.

It becomes clear in “The Wealth of Nations” that it is the pursuit of self-interest and personal wealth that furthers the wealth of nations.  Smith makes this clear when he says “it is well that nature imposes upon us in this manner” speaking on the strive for personal wealth because we “cultivate the ground, build houses, found cities and commonwealths”(p.61).  So here he is saying that by pursuing wealth individually, we grow the nation together.  Smith accepts this, he recognizes that it is logical and true, but he struggles with it because it is cannot be the end all of what makes a nation great and wealthy.  If it were that simple we would all be climbing over each other with wide eyes and open hands grabbing at the chance to expand our ever growing gluttonous wealth.  Again we address the issue of Smith holding onto both seemingly conflicting views.  There is extreme difficulty in nailing down the way humans behave and still continue to grow together and individually simultaneously.

Like physics, the goal here is to find common ground to unify certain theories why things interact the way they do.  Unlike physics which involves a large degree of math and even a possible paradigm shift in order to combine the mechanics of our everyday lives to the strangely behaving quantum mechanics, the way humans behave is easier to wrap our minds around.  To combine Smiths theories in the theory of moral sentiments and in the wealth of nations it is logical that perhaps there is a combination of natural benevolence of man and the drive for personal wealth and self-interest that guides the market and allows him to hold both ideas.

There are not rules when it comes to benevolence, sympathy or self-interest.  If there were, life would be quite easy, everyone paying perfect respect to his fellow man at the perfect and most appropriate time.  The degree of sympathy we hold for one another is ever changing, moment to moment, situation to situation.  The degree of sympathy that we hold for someone else depends on distance of relation, on the event, or even what we are personally experiencing at that moment.  Smith says in the theory of moral sentiments that “it is because mankind are disposed to sympathize more entirely with our joy than with our sorrow, that we make parade of our riches and conceal our poverty”(p.78).  This is one of the most astounding statements that visibly worries Smith and makes light of the fact that we are much more likely to sympathize with the wealthy and forget about the poor simply because they are not wealthy.  The rich and famous are not inherently better humans because of their riches, but we view them as having a better life, with more conveniences and luxuries and strive to be like them.   For this reason alone we share the feeling of despair when they fail rather than the poor.  This alone could be why the butcher, the baker and the brewer are not waiting for me when I get home with dinner paid for by their kindness.  Because they do not want to be poor, they want to advance their wealth and make parade of their riches rather than to have to conceal their poverty.

It is clear now that Smith holds both views because there is no measureable connection, no standard or guidebook for situational behavior and interaction among men.  Part of us loves seeing colleagues enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we tend to sympathize with ourselves to a greater degree and enjoy making gains from those same labors.  There is a deep rooted theme in the theory of moral sentiments that stems from the Chinese Earthquake story that Smith details in his writing.  It is that our degree of sympathy for people is very dependent on the strength of our relationships.  We tend to sympathize with ourselves first (prefer our own fingers and bodily extremities) family and friends second, and so on down the line until we reach complete strangers.  Although it is not likely that the local butcher, brewer or baker will show up one night on our doorsteps but it is much more likely relative to anyone of them making an overseas trip to put a smile on a complete stranger’s also somewhat confused face.  Not to mention the language barrier (although I suppose food and beer speak for themselves…).

Smith did not leave us with one final statement combining the two though.  Perhaps after all of that work, revising and rehashing he would have firmly combined the two into the Wealth of Nations; after all it was published 17 years after the theory of moral sentiments and is widely considered Smiths best and most well-known work.  But he didn’t.  I believe that this is on purpose because one final theory would have been too general, too open to misinterpretation.  Just as how in chemistry it is easier to understand where table salt comes from if you have heard of sodium and chlorine, it is easier to understand and interpret Smiths works if you understand both halves of the whole.  Both the benevolence of man and his strive to expand his wealth.

I appreciate that Smith did not pile the two on top of each other but rather kept them separate.  This allows room for discussion and for reflection on the reader’s part in terms of where they fall between the two extremes.  Both quotes are a true look into the behavior of humans when it comes to the market and when it comes to being a civilized moral human being.

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Why haven’t you watched this: big bad wolf

“Little pigs, little pigs, let me in!”
“Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!”
“You’d better let me in, or I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll rip your guts out!”

Big Bad Wolf is a bloody good time bursting with bestial carnage and hilariously clever dialogue making it as offensive as it is brilliant. A heaping serving of sexual depravity and dismemberment makes this werewolf feature unlike any other and most likely anything you’ve ever seen before. This one goes down as a guilty pleasure film that you won’t be able to look away from despite the ethical feeling that you should.

In an attempt to get some social acceptance, Derek takes four college peers and his friend Samantha to his stepfather’s cabin off Fire Road 13 for a night of booze and debauchery. Their partying is awkward at best but things get seriously messed up when the big bad wolf arrives and rips the college kids apart. Derek and Samantha were able to escape but Samantha suspects that Derek’s stepfather is the wolf which isn�?t much of a leap since the guy is a major asshole. His date book adds to their suspicion, with out-of-town appointments listed on every full moon, but still they�?re going to need more to go on besides a creepy coincidence. The issue then becomes what Derek and Samantha must do to confirm that he is in fact a werewolf and how to put an end to him once and for all.

Samantha: It was a werewolf.
Derek: No, Sam. That’s impossible.
Samantha: It was a full moon, it was walking on two legs, and wearing pants, oh! And it was fucking talking to us! What the hell else could it have been?

Big Bad Wolf is a one part sexual sadism, one part gore, one part family drama, and a one part mischievousness horror cocktail well worth the taste it�?ll leave in your mouth. While from the storytelling perspective the film is easily predictable, it’s the gore and humor of the film that will catch you off guard. Actually, if you’re a horror loyalist you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fun this film is; but, if you’re squeamish you’ll likely bail out after the cabin massacre. The final showdown of the film features some quality horror comedy and gory greatness so you have to stick with it to really appreciate what Big Bad Wolf has to offer. Besides, there’s plenty of blood spill and gags along the way to keep your interest if you are prepared to accept and enjoy this film for what it is and not get too hung up on being quick to compare it to other horror features. This one belongs in a class of its own; granted it’s a gruesome class full of gratuitous blood covered boobs and sexual cynicism but that’s what I’d call a good time, wouldn’t you?

Cassie: I like your tongue piercing.
Samantha: Thanks… I guess.
Cassie: Do guys like, like the way it feels when you, you know?
Samantha: Why don’t I blow your boyfriend, you can ask him?
Cassie: BITCH! I was just asking!
Samantha: And I was just telling.

A prerequisite for this film is a fair warning and an open mind since, as I’ve suggested before, this film is not for the faint at heart. It is however, a riot and worth the risk of watching.

Alex: You animal! She was a virgin!
Wolf: Well, she ain’t anymore!

There’s an abundant serving of nastiness and all those other things you want but won’t be admitting anytime soon, but it’s hella fun so don’t fret! Big Bad Wolf is a standout amongst the other werewolf horror films as it uses it’s cunning and sadistic style to prove that this beast is nothing like the Wolfman of yesteryear.




Somatic optics – men’s and women’s sunglasses and goggles.




Somatica – Black/ Grey

Hand-crafted for superior quality, Somatica frames combine style, purpose, and attitude with 100% UV protected 8 base CR39 lenses.

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Frame: Zyl
Lens: CR39
Price: 70.00

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Somatic Sunglasses Rental Program

Somatic Sunglasses Rental Insurance
A 2.00 fee is required at the time of agreement. This fee covers your liability if the Somatic Sunglasses are lost, stolen, not returned or damaged in any way for the rental period. The rental period is one year.

If you decide to purchase your Somatic Sunglasses at any time during the year the 2.00 fee goes toward their purchase price.

Rental Fee
A years’ rental for any one pair of Somatic Sunglasses is $28.00. This fee also applies to the purchase price should you decide to keep your Somatic Sunglasses.

Rental Return
Somatic Sunglasses are to be returned within one year of the rental date. The Sunglasses are to be returned clean and in good condition.

Frame: Zyl
Lens: CR39
Rental Fee: $28.00
Insurance Fee:2.00

April « 2010 « soma soapbox

The wretched implications of the Digital Economy Act

By Ray Boggiano @ 9:14 am

Digital Britain

Whilst we have actively campaigned against the Digital Economy Bill (now the Digital Economy Act upon being granted Royal Assent) through expressing our concerns to those that would listen, it is time to accept that the controversial measure has passed through parliament largely unchanged and become part of UK law.

If you are unaware of the Act, then I will briefly outline the purpose and potential effects. If you need a reminder of this Act in its entirety then please navigate to this link. The primary focus is to protect copyright holders by enforcing the illegality of file-sharing copyrighted content.

Clause 10 of the Digital Economy Act, permits the government to direct OFCOM to “take a technical measure against some or all relevant subscribers to [an ISP’s] service for the purpose of preventing or reducing infringement of copyright by means of the internet”. These “technical measures” would primarily be through forcing the ISPs to “throttle” or disconnect the user’s account if they are found to repeatedly share copyrighted content illegally.

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Calling all 18-24 year old prospective Communication Arts students

By Ray Boggiano @ 11:18 am

A highly topical competition has been launched by the School of Communication Arts 2.0. Entitled “It’s My Party”, the competition calls for prospective students to come up with an idea for a single-issue political party then create a political broadcast. This can be a cartoon, Flash movie, or anything multimedia and the issue is completely up to you (it hopefully doesn’t need to be said that offensive material will be removed). There are three fantastic prizes on offer for the winners, each one receiving a £13,000 scholarship at the school.

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Fatsoma Ltd provides a social ticketing solution through event ticket pages on reps’ Facebook profiles

By Ray Boggiano @ 4:42 pm

A young British company is offering a social solution to online promotion and ticket sales via further integration with Facebook.

7th April 2010


Fatsoma Ltd is seeking to continue their positive expansion towards an international market with their latest release, by offering a social solution to online promotion and ticket sales. These developments include the ability for reps to sell tickets through a branded ticket page tab on their Facebook profile, and for clients to update all reps’ statuses from within the Fatsoma platform, tracking the sales made through each rep’s status.

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Intimint | so many parcels

So here we go again… I can’t ever pass  up a special edition or mystery box so I got 2 IntiMint spring mystery boxes. IntiMint is definitely my favorite Mint site. The fabrics are ultra luxurious and the styles are comfy and modern. The comfy stuff is comfy and  stylish and the sexy stuff is comfy and stylish  and sexy all rolled up into one delicate little piece of lingerie.

The cost is $34.99 and is promised to have at least 4 pieces and as many as 5 with at least 1 being a gown or chemise. This is an awesome deal since most of the items with the exception of panties are $39.99 each. I love every single thing on the IntiMint site so the mystery box isn’t really a gamble for me just an awesome surprise.

BOX 1 

  • The first box had 4 pieces in it. The “Ella chemise” ($79.99 value) is inspired by the roaring 20’s and is right on trend with the great Gatsby recently hitting the theaters. It’s delicate and slinky and  ultra flattering.
  • The two piece that I already own are the: lace thong” ($9.99 value)  and  the “double string strap thong”($9.99 value) I already have several pairs of each in all of the colors but they are so great that I really don’t mind getting more.
  • The last item is the “Off the shoulder Lounge Top” ($59.99 value) it’s seriously one of the comfiest  pieces of clothing ever! By the way I already own the exact palazzo pants in the photo and I’m wearing the outfit while writing the blog and am in lounge heaven

Ok so the total value for box 1 is 59.96 so yeah how can anyone not be giddy about that


 Double Strap String Thong   IntiMint

Box 2 also had 4 pieces in it and I shrieked with  excite the moment I saw what was in it.

  • The first item is the “Daisy satin and lace robe” ($99.95 value) it’s the mate to the “Ella chemise”  it’s also inspired by the great Gatsby and is a boudoir must have. The peacock feather lace detail is gorgeous. I really love that it’s a little bit shorter in the front . I’m only 5′ 2″ so I was worried that it was too short and might need to be hemmed but it was the perfect length.
  • The “cut out Henley tank”  ($39.98 value) is really cute and will definitely get lots of wear.
  • The “Bella notte lace trim pantry” ($9.99 value)is another item that I already own in a different color as well as  the “double string strap thong”($9.99 value) but again i really don’t mind one bit.

The total value for box 2 is 59.91… needless to say I’m completely ecstatic with both Mystery boxes